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Our Commitment to the Individual Seeking Recovery

At TRI Center Inc., we believe that sustainable recovery is achievable for all who seek it. Our committed, talented, and experienced professionals will do everything in their power to ensure that each of our clients gets top quality, highly customized care.


That commitment starts with our outlook. Our approach to recovery – our core philosophy – is to blend the time-tested methods which have worked for generations, with state-of-the-art clinical techniques... delivering a customized, personalized recovery program designed to heal holistically –mind, body, and spirit.


All inquiries will be handled with compassion and the utmost respect for privacy.


What to Expect When You Contact TRI Center:

Upon contacting TRI Center you will be scheduled for an intake consultation within 24 hours of your initial call. You will be seen by a licensed professional counselor who will conduct a comprehensive psychosocial evaluation including a detailed alcohol and drug assessment.


Should a consultation with our staff psychiatrist be recommended, an appointment will be arranged for you as part of your evaluation.


If you have been referred to us by your employer or other agency we will obtain your written consent so that we may contact the referent for additional information and to communicate the recommended treatment plan.


Following your initial appointment a treatment plan is developed by our team and will be explained to you. Typically this includes a combination of group and individual sessions as well as complementary therapies. This plan is carefully designed to best meet your individual treatment needs and to accommodate your schedule. You will be assigned a primary therapist who will meet with you individually and will guide you throughout the entire course of your time in treatment at TRI Center.

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