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TRI Center: Experienced Partner to the EAP and Government Agency Professional:

TRI Center maintains longstanding relationships with local and national Employee Assistance Programs. We recognize the importance of professional employee assistance services in the world of work and their particular role in educating managers and human resource personnel to be cognizant of employee work performance issues that can often be an indication of an alcohol or substance abuse problem.


Chemical dependency has a profound impact on the workplace in a variety of ways including increased absenteeism, health and safety violations including job related accidents and other hazards, lowered productivity, an increase in crimes in the workplace, and economic costs to employers due to elevated healthcare expenditures. TRI center partners with the EAP in assisting employees to get the help they need so that they may return to work and perform to their full potential.


We work in a collaborative manner with the EAP professional from intake through aftercare. TRI Center is committed to being prompt and responsive from the moment of your initial contact with our agency. We will obtain all vital information through conducting a telephone intake and offering an in-person evaluation for treatment within 24 hours. A complete psychosocial assessment will be completed and a detailed treatment plan formulated which is then shared with the EAP professional in a timely manner.


TRI staff members are familiar with the specific guidelines that mandatory manager referred or “JPR” referrals require. We will supply all necessary written reports on a weekly basis or as requested and maintain additional contact via telephone. We understand the importance of confidentiality for the employee and adhere to all privacy policies and make sure that all treatment information release forms are sent to the EAP professional for proper case management documentation purposes.


At TRI Center we have a dedicated staff member who serves as an EAP Liaison available to respond to any customer service concerns you may have regarding the care of any given employee or the overall provision of service you are receiving as an EAP organization. To contact our EAP Liaison please call any of our three offices, request to speak to our EAP contact person, and you will be connected so that we may attend to your concerns.


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