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The TRI Center Care Management Agency is comprised of a unique set of individuals who have made it their mission to unite Communities with services readily available and underutilized by many uninformed community members.

The Care Management Team at TRI has an exemplary record of commitment to the Communities they serve; whether they set out to brave the elements of street level outreach, knock on unassuming doors, or put in countless hours of research to provide the best Community Based Organizations/Services available to those in need.

Strategically placed within the TRI Center Bronx Clinic, at 2488 Grand Concourse, Ste. 417, Bronx, NY 10458, the TRI CMA services members in all 5 boroughs via its Manhattan and Brooklyn Clinics. 

TRI Center Care Management Agency - Dedicated to assisting all Community members accomplish his or her goals.

Meet the CMA Team:​

Deborah Greene

Executive Director

Care Management Agency

Juanita Carn 

Assistant Director

William Gonzalez

Outreach Supervisor

Recovery Coach

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