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A Unique Blend of Recovery Methods


At TRI Center we embrace an integrative approach to treating addictions, blending  state-of-the-art clinical techniques with time tested recovery methods.


We believe that chemical dependency has multiple underlying causes that are often manifested in self-defeating attitudinal and behavioral practices. Our treatment is based on cognitive-behavioral techniques that help the patient learn to restructure self-defeating thought processes and modify negative behavior patterns. CBT therapy is combined with other treatment modalities incorporating psychodynamic, family systems, psycho-educational and motivational counseling as well as complementary practices that include yoga, hypnosis, and mindfulness meditation.


All participants in our treatment program are enrolled in random urine toxicology and Breathalyzer screenings in order to reinforce sobriety maintenance and are encouraged to join an outside support network that may include a 12 Step or other support system.


We are committed to our goal of utilizing all available treatment resources in providing patients with quality professional care.


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A Unique Blend of Recovery Methods

At TRI Center we base our philosophy on the belief that each person is unique and that for most individuals, a “standardized” treatment protocol is simply not the most effective. We embrace a unified cognitive/behavioral/psychodynamic approach to addiction treatments, as well as a recovery-oriented system of care:

> We blend a variety of treatment modalities in order to address the needs of each individual.

> We view the aspects of mind, body, and spirit as essential elements in the healing process.

> We are passionate in our belief that sustainable recovery is possible for all who truly seek a pathway to wellness and are committed to getting help.

> We include and promote peer-to-peer recovery support as a vital part of the services offered.

> We believe in the empowerment of individuals, and in their collaboration with professionals and peers to direct their own recovery.

> We ensure continuity of community-based services and supports for as long as needed.

> We acknowledge the meaningful role the recovery community, peers, family, and friends, play in the design of services, provision, and quality improvement.

At TRI Center we are dedicated to expanding our knowledge of the evolving art and science of recovery and to perfecting our techniques in order to provide a comprehensive treatment program for our patients.


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A Unique Blend of Recovery Methods


We tailor a recovery program to the individual case. Some clients may benefit from incorporation of holistic therapies such as meditation into their recovery regimen; some may need an element of family or gender-specific therapies; others may require more intensive counseling and treatment for dual or co-dependencies. Caring and experienced professionals carefully monitor each personally tailored regimen.



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